Europe Faq

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This is a hard question to answer as some countries have very good apartments (however smaller than North American standards).   Please speak to your agent if you feel where you are living is not up to standards.

Normally most teams pay every 30 days.   At times payment can be delayed so be prepared to have some additional space on your credit card.  Overall in Europe and parts of Russia players are generally paid on time.

Most of Western Europe you will find people can either speak English or have a very good understanding.   Eastern Europe and Russia you will find English is not overall spoken therefore you should have language translation apps on your phone to assist you in restaurants and travel.

Most of Europe is overall warmer than say Winnipeg or Edmonton or Minneapolis.   Some parts of Russia are as cold as parts of Canada and the USA.  Therefore come prepared with winter clothing.

Most train systems are vastly superior to North America (Amtrak).   Also most ride sharing services are available in most Euro cities.

In Russia if you refuse food or drink you will offend people very quickly.  Politics is not a normal form of conversation as we see it in North America.

You will have to Google this for the city you could be playing in.   Major cities in Europe do have International schools.

Rubles are the only form of currency accepted in Russia.   To exchange EURO – CDN – USD you can do so at most major airports.

You should always carry your original passport with you in the case of a random stop and check.

Personally I have been to most hockey countries in Europe – Asia and Russia and have had zero issues.   But do basics and leave important documents and money etc. in a safe in your hotel or apartment. Theft can occur in the metro or in big crowds.   Once again use some common sense when you are travelling abroad.