2112 Parent Company Expands – Jeff Schwarz Signed

After much success with 2112 Hockey Agency and 2112 Hockey Group, owner Darryl Wolski has expanded the parent company by launching 2112 Talent and Entertainment Group.

For years, Wolski’s entrepreneurial focus has centered on the sport of hockey, however, this new adventure takes him and fellow agent Lindsay Baldwin of Winnipeg into an entirely different realm.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about hockey and always will be. But I’m also an idea guy, and I love the world of entertainment. Being a talent agent is similar to being a hockey agent you’re just looking for projects and gigs versus teams and leagues. I’m pumped about getting more involved in the entertainment industry,” said Wolski.

2112 Talent and Entertainment Group is a boutique-style agency that will allow agents to be unequivocally attentive to clients and provide them with detailed support and service. The company is primarily searching for reality-based television talent, and they have already added a well-known name to their client list.



“We’re pleased to announce that we recently signed Jeff Schwarz – The Liquidator as a new client with 2112 Talent and Entertainment Group,” said Wolski. “With Jeff, we are working with all the major streaming channels and larger Canadian cable and TV networks to promote our latest concept for a television series.”

Schwarz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Direct Liquidation and has been in the liquidation business for over 20 years. Direct Liquidation originated in Burnaby, British Columbia, and now has locations all across Canada. Schwarz was featured on OLN in the reality TV series, The Liquidator, which premiered in 2012. The series ran for four seasons and had a total of 91 episodes.“

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