Thinking of a career in Europe – Russia or Asia this is what you need to know.

We get at least one email a week saying I WANT TO PLAY IN EUROPE.

Ok that’s great but this is perhaps reality time. European and KHL teams will surprise you with how much research they do on players. They do not simply look at Elite Prospects. So it might sound cool and sexy to tell your friends you are going to play in Germany for example but if you had 12 points in the USHL there is almost zero chance of that happening. If you happen to be the holder of a German passport the statement above may not apply to you. If you are playing as a 20 year old in the WHL – OHL – QMJHL you will need over 100 points in your last season to get interest from 3rd level European teams. CIS and NCAA Division1 players need very good stats to go direct to Europe without playing any ECHL or AHL teams. Players having 35-45 points per season might get a second level team to tak a look at them.

We suggest you start in the ECHL or AHL and develop a decent resume so when teams search your name on Elite Prospects they can see how you perform at the Pro Level. Keep in mind very few import goalies are signed in Europe unless they have played in the AHL or NHL. In our opinion the following leagues look for the players we have assembled as examples. We have done this for over 12 years and have a very good idea what teams and sports managers are looking for.


The following leagues we do not work with or offer advice

  • Kazak
  • Hungary
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Belarus
  • Holland
  • Sweden Division 2
  • Finland Mestis
  • Germany Oberliga
  • Czech 2
  • France Magnus