Marketing Director Athletics for Brandon University Athletics

In House PA Announcer – Winnipeg Jets 1995
General Manager Manitoba Polar Ice – Gold Medal Winners in Sapporo Japan 1999, 2001 and 2004
Marketing Committee World Jr Hockey Championships – 1999
Northwest Junior Hockey League Commissioner – 1999 – 2004
Victoria Inn – Precision Toyota Tournament of Champions Tournament Chair from 2000 – 2012
Executive Producer – Battle of Hockey Enforcers Pay Per View Hockey Program 2005
Source for Sports AAA Hockey Challenge Tournament Chairman from 1993 to current
Wendy’s Winter Hockey League League Commissioner 1992 to current
Wendy’s Summer Hockey League League Commissioner 1991 to current
The Sports Corporation affiliate
PHPA Certified
College Hockey Family Advisor – President 2016 to current
Average Rec. Hockey Goalie