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To navigate through all the countries, leagues, and teams in Europe and Asia can be very difficult without some proper advice and assistance.

2112 Hockey is now in the business of Representing Coaches / Trainers / Video Coaches for Europe, Russia, and Asia.

We understand that finding the right location for you and your family is essential. Plus various issues such as immigration, visa’s, taxes, and of course compensation.

2112 Hockey can find you work in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Asia, and finally the KHL.

Do Coaches and GM’s Have Agents?

Successful coaches and GM’s often become as well or even better-known than the athletes they work with, and in recent years have come to command high salaries and have agents of their own to negotiate their contracts with the teams.

Expected Salaries and Networking and Contract Negotiations

Throughout Europe – Asia and Russia the pay scale can vary from 35,000 Euro to close to a million USD per season. 2112 Hockey Agency has an extensive level of contacts with the decision makers in Europe – KHL and Asia. Our database can help you negotiate what you should be paid plus bonus money. We know the contract language to prevent any potential issues or problems.

Career Planning

2112 Hockey Agency works with each client to place them in a position to succeed for not only now but in the future. The goal should be to move up the ladder and not stay in one league. No different than the plan for a hockey player he will want to move from Denmark – Norway – Sweden to the KHL as an example. You need to be in the right hands to get you into a position to have long term success.


We are not able to represent coaches or GM’s in North America but can refer you to a top lawyer in Toronto that can assist you in negotiations of your deal.
Also depending on the league sometimes the team will pay your agency fee or you will have to pay us. You will know this upon signing your contract.

Submit Your Resume / CV

Before submitting your resume please note we are only accepting ACTIVE coaches or GM’s from the following leagues;

  • NCAA D1
  • CHL
  • ECHL
  • AHL
  • NHL
  • KHL
  • VHL
  • Asia League
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Czech
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • France
  • Poland
  • Belarus

Submit CV / Resume to:
Darryl Wolski – dwolski@2112hockeyagency.com
Rasty Saglo – rsaglo@yahoo.com


Interested in playing oversea’s or ECHL and AHL?