Russia – KHL Kontinental Hockey League

Without a doubt the second-best hockey league in the world. KHL GM’s are seeking top-end AHL players and bubble NHL players. Ideal age of players the KHL looks for is 23 to 30 years old. Also, the top players from Sweden and Finland will end up in the KHL. Lots of “urban legends” will circle around the internet about Russia and the KHL. But we will only place players in good situations for them and their families. Pay Scale can range from $150,000 USD for imports to as high as $3,000,000 USD for the best North American imports. Helsinki, Riga, Minsk, Slovan, - pays in Euros Kunlun Redstar ( China ) - pays in US Dollars Barys - pays in local Tenge Russian teams - all pay in Rubles


SHL (top league)

These teams seek high end Euro / AHL / NHL players.

** Pay range is 60,000 USD to upwards of 275,000 USD

Allsvenskan (2nd league)

Also looking for top end AHL & ECHL players.

** Pay range is 25,000 Euro to upwards of 55,000 Euro


NLA (top league)

One of the top paying leagues in Europe plus a great place for players to bring their families and raise their children.  Former NHL players and top end AHL players come to play in the NLA.

** Pay scale will range from 75,000 Swiss to upwards of 425,000 Swiss

NLB (2nd league in Switzerland)

Great option for older players that still want to play at a high level and earn a good wage.  Normally teams will travel home after games and you sleep in your own bed each night.  Top Czech – DEL – AHL players can normally find a decent job in the NLB.

** Pay scale from 50,000 Swiss to over 140,000 Swiss


SM-liiga (top league)

Finland is known for being the closest style of game to North America and the NHL.  Keep in mind these teams pay good and looking for very good top 10 scoring AHL forwards and bubble NHL players.  Great league to perhaps jumpstart your Euro career to get a chance to move up to the KHL.

** Pay range is 35,000 Euro to upwards of 150,000 Euro


DEL (top league)

At one time the DEL was the top league for imports plus for money.  This has now changed and the DEL is now considered in the top 5 leagues in Europe.   Bubble NHL and top end AHL players can make the jump to the DEL.

** Pay scale range starts at 40,000 Euro and can go upwards of 170,000 Euro per season

** Maximum of 9 imports on the ice

DEL 2 (2nd league in Germany)

Top ECHL players will play in this league. 

** Pay Scale will range from 20,000 to 40,000 Euro


Erste Bank Eishockey Liga (top league)

This league has slowly become more prominent throughout Europe as a league to be taken seriously.  Players can make an easy jump to the DEL or NLB in Switzerland after putting up good numbers in Austria.  Top players from Italy, Norway and AHL can make the jump to play in this league.

** Pay scale range is from 27,500 Euro to upwards of 130,000 Euro


Get Ligaen (top league)

Norway has become a more serious contender in Euro hockey.  Top teams such as Sparta & Lorenskog look for top end ECHL and AHL players. 

** Pay range from 20,000 Euro to as much as 55,000 Euro


Extraliga (top league)

One of the nicest countries in Europe plus also one of the top leagues.  Considered a somewhat older league and most teams carry a few imports per team.  Minimum of AHL is required to play in Czech


** Pay scale ranges from 30,000 USD to as high as 160,000 USD


Quality of players improves on an annual basis.  Imports are normally a bit older however most teams look for AHL and NHL games played.

** Pay scale range ( for imports is from 60,000 USD to the top player making 200,000 USD


Has emerged as a very decent league with great cities and also a good start for players from the ECHL to start their Euro career.

** Pay scale is from $15,000 - $35,000 USD


Slovak league has become much stronger since 2015 and certain teams can pay imports as much as 80,000 USD. Overall most imports will make 35 - 45,000 USD. 0ne issue with the league is some of the apartments and condos are not up to standards.